Monday, June 20, 2011

Sophee in her Easter Dress

My mom and I both took pictures of Sophee in her Easter dress.  I think the mix of pictures ended up being perfect.  I also changed the nuetral desert sand in this layout to black to bring out the black in her dress.

Memorial Day Weekend

The girl's went to Nana's for Memorial Day weekend with Karly and had a great time.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wedding Cake with gumpaste flowers and basketweave

I have been missing from my blog the last few weeks, not because I haven't been creating, but because I have been working on a huge project.  A 3-tiered wedding cake and a ring cake (I'll explain this later) for my dear sister-in-law.  I have been frantically making gumpaste sugar flowers for weeks leading up to this week of baking and piping.  Needless to say, I loved the final product.  The flowers on the cake are stargazer lilies, plumerias, gerbera daisies, and red and white roses.  The bride's bouquet had stargazer lilies and red roses.  The plumerias were to represent the plumeria flower the bride wore in her hair, and also the groom's Hawaiian heritage.  The gerbera daisies were the perfect way to pull everything color-wise and aesthetically together.  If you would like to see any of the pictures closer, just click on them.

The setup on this cake was particularly difficult.  Most cakes have a backside that hides some of the seams, but this cake couldn't have a "bad" side because it sat right in front of a mirror.  Luckily, I had enough flowers to decorate the back as well as the front.

All the flowers on the cake were made of gumpaste.  Here is a close up of a daisy, a rose, and a stargazer lily as well as a few leaves also made of gumpaste.

Here's another lily with a few red roses.

Another close-up of a flower grouping.  Here is a plumeria, a red rose and a daisy.
This was a ring cake.  Attached to one of the ribbons was a small ring.  As a Peruvian tradition, all the single women pick a ribbon and then pull them out of the cake.  The one that pulls the ring is the next one to be married, similar to the tradition of tossing the bouquet.  As a side note, my 4-year old daughter ended up pulling out the ring.  It was so cute!!!