Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bridal Shower Gift

My Dear Sister-In-Law, who is more like an actual sister, is getting married soon and her bridal shower is coming up.  I was trying to come up with a creative gift for her.  So, I decided to make her some towels and an apron.  While I was in the process, I thought how fun it would be to pass along to her some of my family's favorite recipes.

The apron was made using a Martha Stewart template I found online here and then added my own twist.  I made a few changes to the original.  I made the apron skinnier, shorter and added the ruffles and a lining on the back.  I also changed the way the top ties were attached and made the pocket smaller.  Overall, I love the way the apron turned out. 

 I used some basic plain white tea towels and backstitched a tulip design on them. 

Here is a closer look at the detail on the towels.  I did them both the same so that she would have a matching set.

The recipe book was actually one of my favorite projects.  I used CTMH Life's Delight paper packet to make the cover and the divider pages.  The actual recipes are actually just written on 4x6 index cards.  After all the pages were finished I bound it using my YourStory binding machine.
Front Cover
This is what the book looks like after it was bound and open

dessert divider page

bread divider page

chicken divider page

beef divider page

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Birthday Cupcakes

Yellow swirl cupcakes with multi-colored sprinkles in cupcake stand

Pink Wedding Cake

3-tier offset square wedding cake with white piped swirls and bead border

Cupcakes and large Cupcake

Large pink and purple cupcake with smaller cupcakes

Swirled Wedding Cake

3-tier wedding cake covered in piped swirls and deep red apple blossoms and dusted in edible gold powder with a bead border. made in collaboration

White Wedding Cake with Pillars

3-tier wedding cake with separator pillars and a scalloped basketweave and white roses.
Also the corresponding groom's cake with blue roses. made in collaboration

Wedding Cake with Piping

3-tier white wedding cake with piped design and a nead border finished with fresh rose petals. made in collaboration

Wedding Shower Cake

scalloped basketweave cake with rope detail, white roses and blue rosebuds. made in collaboration

Princess Castle Cake

round cake with star tip decorations

Baby Shower Cake

half round cake with blue apple blossoms made in collaboration with a friend

Floral Cake

2-tier basketweave cake covered in clusters of royal icing daisies-made with a friend

Donkey Kong Birthday Cake

2-tier round birthday cake covered in marshmallow fondant  and fondant ribbon border

Mario Brothers Birthday Cake

Mario Brothers square birthday cake covered in marshmallow fondant and fondant decorations.  Each side is different

Wedding Cake

3-tiered Wedding Cake with polka dots and ribbon border with a bead border on bottom

Adult Birthday Cake

Basketweave cake with pink daisies and a shell border